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Rule Book revised January 2018 (PDF)

Aggressive Dog Policy (PDF)

Articles of Association (PDF)

Bird Management & Care Reference (PDF)

Bylaws Revised December 16, 2015 (PDF)

Code of Conduct (PDF)

Invitational Bid to Host Process (PDF)

Procedures for Filing a Complaint (PDF)

Regional Director Duties (PDF)

Ribbon Policy (PDF)


Membership Application Form (PDF)

Club Membership Application Form (PDF)


Rule Book revised January 2018 (PDF)

NAHRA Judges Interpretation Topics (PDF)

Judge’s Application Form (PDF)

Judges Clinics Handbook revised March 2010 (PDF)

NAHRA Judging and Clinic Policy   revised March 2022 (PDF)

Judge’s Clinic Roster

Judges Test With Answer Sheet(PDF)

Judges Scoresheet (PDF)

NAHRA Field Test Judges Clinic (PPT)

NAHRA Upland Test Judges Clinic (PPT)

NAHRA Judges Presenter Criteria

NAHRA Invitational Judges Selection Process

Regional Process for Nominating Invitational Judges


NAHRA Field Test Application Form (PDF)

NAHRA Field Test Report (PDF)

NAHRA Upland Test Application (PDF)

NAHRA Upland Test Report

NAHRA Event Entry Form (PDF)

NAHRA Field Test Number (FTN) Request Form (PDF)

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