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Another New GMHRCH

Look at a coin, you see two sides. Cash and his brother Primer reflect that the two couldn’t be more different in personality. Cash is truly a knucklehead being as

Two New GMHRCH 2023

GMHRCH WR SR STONY BROOKS TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT MH “MAXX” Maxx came into our household in July 2015, through a breeding by Travis Lund and Stony Brook Kennels. 

Awards & Brags – 2022

The 2022 Season is in Full Swing, find out the latest official results and tiles here: Latest Update of Test Results Latest Updates of Titled Dogs

The Founders Would be Proud

In June 1983 a visionary group of hunters and retriever lovers met in Mashomac, NY, to start the first nationally organized program aimed at testing the work needed for excellent

GMHRCH-1 Touched By The Sun’s Summer Breeze

Touched By The Sun’s Summer Breeze, born 9/30/2014.  “Summer’s” name says it all. She is a beautiful yellow bitch overflowing with kindness, intelligence, talent, drive and an overwhelming desire to

Test Results

2005 Test Results (PDF) 2006 Test Results (PDF) 2007 Test Results (PDF) 2008 Test Results (XLS) 2009 Test Results (XLS) 2010 Test Results (XLS) 2011 Test Results (XLS) 2012 Test Results (XLS) 2013 Test Results (XLS) 2014 Test Results (XLS)

Titled Dogs

Dogs are listed Alphabetically by Registered Name. These are Downloadable Spreadsheet files as the list is Happily Long. Titles listed are those processed by the NAHRA office through July 1,