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Larry Housman, East Regional Director

My first NAHRA event was a started test held by the Old Dominion Retriever Club in Spotsylvania, Virginia in 1997.  We had a great time and my dog was way better than the dog run by the then starting center for the Washington Redskins.  I was hooked and remain so to this day.

Since then I’ve run 14 Invitationals and countless weekend tests, from Virginia to Alaska.  I’ve run the other dog games as well, but I will always believe that NAHRA has the best rule book and the most entertaining people.  As an organization I think we need to do more work to expand our base, and give our members at a club level a reason to stick with us.  The best thing most clubs do is put on regular training sessions and you can keep a lot of members if you give them that type of opportunity.  We also need to more aggressively pursue access to private grounds, as all the retriever organizations are losing public land opportunities.  You’d be surprised what you can get if you just ask politely.  Finally, we are lucky to have Kinetic Dog Food as our primary sponsor so please do your best to reciprocate; they are good guys and have a great product.

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