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Dick Ofstedal, Central Regional Director

My adventures with field-bred dogs started when I was searching for a “dog-world” retirement project, specifically for hunting.    My search ended when Dan and Patsy Hove sold me a wonderful dog we named Chase.  They also got me involved in NAHRA’s Four Points Retriever Club (FPRC).  The FPRC folks mentored me for many years as I progressed in how to train for hunt tests while producing a quality hunting dog.   My first hunt test experience was at Larry Willson’s Farm where I messed up my handling at the Started stake with Chase and later drove a winger carabineer through my hand.  From that beginning, the journey has been focused on getting better as a handler, trainer, and eventually as a NAHRA judge.   I have the great honor of being selected to be one of the 2018 NAHRA Invitational judges.

My first trip to an Invitational was to Baldwinsville, New York in 2009.  My dogs and I have only missed one since that time.   Much to the chagrin of my lovely and supportive wife, Kathy, we now have four dogs that have or are receiving training for the NAHRA game.  The latest addition, Mieka, will be ready to run NARHA events this summer.

Because of the training my dogs receive to participate in NAHRA events, they have become conservation champions and sought after hunting companions with my non-NAHRA hunting friends.  Their skills also provide me with the fun experience of guiding pheasant hunters at the Lindskov Family’s Firesteel Creek Lodge in South Dakota.  This year, the dogs and I put in 41 days of guiding, and then came home for a little goose hunting in Minnesota.   What a great life!

The NAHRA organization has done so much for me as a person and as a “dog guy”.   It is an honor to give back a little while serving as Regional Director for NAHRA’a Central Region.  Because I have been active in FPRC in many capacities, I understand how much effort goes into putting on quality events and keeping the wonderful NAHRA organization viable.  It is my pledge to each Central Region Club and to the national organization that I will work diligently in supporting those efforts and providing assistance as needed.   Please feel free to contact me at

320-241-0559 or


Dick Ofstedal


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