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The North American Hunting Retriever Association's (NAHRA) mission is to preserve our heritage of hunting with retrievers and conserving upland and waterfowl game through the development of trained retrievers.

NAHRA develops and evaluates a hunting retriever’s skills through a performance testing program. Field Tests allow owners to showcase their dogs' skills and receive recognition for their achievements. Dogs do not compete against one another for placements rather their performance is judged individually against a “standard”.  NAHRA’s goal is to discover and reward dogs that can fulfill the hunter’s needs in the field.

Many members of NAHRA are enthusiastic about including their families in dog-related activities. Participation in NAHRA events often involves a sense of community and camaraderie among dog owners and enthusiasts.

Families are encouraged to attend events and support their members who are participating in the testing programs. Additionally, these events provide opportunities for families to spend time outdoors, enjoy the company of other dog owners, and celebrate the achievements of their retrievers.

If you're interested in joining NAHRA or attending an event with your family, it's recommended to reach out to the local NAHRA club or become a member now!


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