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History and Purpose of the NAHRA Invitational
a personal recollection by Keith Stroyan
The Founders Would be Proud
a personal recollection of the 2021 NAHRA Invitational by Keith Stroyan

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President’s Press

January 2024

2024 NAHRA Invitational

July 10-13, 2024

Palmer, AK

NAHRA Invitational Website

 NAHRA High Point Dog Award

The “NAHRA High Point Dog” will be the dog that earns the highest number of qualifying points in all of NAHRA.

It is awarded to a dog in each category. In the case of a tie, the dog with the fewest number of entries will be selected.

2024 High Point Dogs

NAHRA Rulebook Available Here

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  New Club/ Returning Club Initiative:

  1. A “new” club would be a club that has not run a NAHRA test.   A “returning” club, is a club that previously held a NAHRA Field Test but has not participated in NAHRA events for the previous 3 years.
  2. New/returning clubs would receive a 1-year NAHRA Club membership. In addition, all of the club’s nonexisting NAHRA members would receive a 1-year NAHRA membership if and when the club schedules a NAHRA Field Test through the cognizant Regional Director.
  3. All NAHRA event fees will be waived for the first Field Test that the club holds.
  4. The Field Test Application and the Final Field Test Report will still be required based on the current requirements and timelines.  com entry service will be contacted for that hunt and instructed not to charge for NAHRA fees.
  5. All fees to Huntsecretary will still be in place as this is not a NAHRA fee, it is a fee for Huntsecretary’s servicesTo take advantage of this new initiative, please contact your NAHRA Regional Director.


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