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GMHRCH-1 Touched By The Sun’s Summer Breeze

Touched By The Sun’s Summer Breeze, born 9/30/2014. 

“Summer’s” name says it all. She is a beautiful yellow bitch overflowing with kindness, intelligence, talent, drive and an overwhelming desire to please. Like a summer’s breeze, she brings warmth, happiness and the inspiration to rise to the challenges of life’s  many horizons.

With all of her talents and love for the hunt, Summer inspired me to rise to the challenge of partnering with her to achieve her title of Grand Master Hunter Retriever Champion. This  “Raider/Molly” daughter also brought me the opportunity of meeting new friends across the continent. Many of those friends have become like family and are a source of continued inspiration to strive to reach for the top of the sky. 

Together, we have conquered many challenges in the quest for Summer to earn her due recognition as one of NAHRA’s finest.

  Summer’s name sake song “Touched By The Sun”, by Carly simon

I want to learn from the greats, earn my right to be living with every breath that  I take…

I, ….I want to be one, One who is touched by the sun…..


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