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GMHRCH III HRCH UH Cedarwood’s Brewmaster MH

Dog of a Lifetime

GMHRCH III HRCH UH Cedarwood’s Brewmaster MH

Call Name: Brewer

It is often said that you only get one dog in a lifetime that possesses the talent, aptitude and personality traits that align with all your expectations.

He has always excelled in the field and most of the time participating in the different field tests. Does he have flaws, hell yeah. Most of the time, when handling him in a test, I am the man but there were times when Brewer decided that on this day he’s going to be the man. He always had a way to make it up though. He knew when my nerves were firing too much and recognized what he needed to do to calm me down. He just did it. The days spent hunting in our duck boat were often filled with excitement but his patience always persisted. Efforts in a pheasant field were always a handlers dream. At 11-1/2, he’s ready for retirement. He’s earned it.

Brewer has given me all I have ever asked of him and for that he likely is that once in a lifetime buddy


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