Bob Boeh, Western Region Director

The western part of North America makes up NAHRA’s West Region. Clubs are located near the Pacific Ocean, within the Northern waterfowl nesting prairies, alongside the Rocky Mountains, from the southwestern deserts to the Continental Divide, inside the heart of winery country and amongst the most productive farms and ranches anywhere.

Vast is the best way to describe this region. It is 2,778 kilometers and/or 1,726 miles from Edmonton, Alberta to Phoenix, Arizona. It is 820 miles from Helena, Montana to Bremerton, Washington.

There’s geological, climatic and cultural diversity within this region with a combination that most likely is not found anywhere else within the North American continent. The people are adventurous, hard working and fun loving. There’s just something about “being out west” that needs to be experienced at least once. If you can’t find it here, well, I have no idea where it could be. This is a very special place where we play.

Please take a look at the listing of the clubs and their events within the West Region. I hope you find time to visit. As they say “come early, stay late” and “Cowboy Up”, “eh”!!!

Copper State Hunting Retriever
Hills Ferry Hunting Retriever ClubHimarCA
Northeast Washington Gun Dog ChattaroyWA
Puget Sound Retriever Club,
Port OrchardWA
Spokane Bird Dog
Western Arizona Gun DogsNo WebsiteMesaAZ
Wild Rose Hunting Retriever ClubCalgaryAB, Canada