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    Model FFBL Vertical Shrink wrapping machine
    FFBL is a new type of machine manufacturered by Feifan,It is the top equipment for shrink packing widely used in the area of food ,chemicals.This type of vertical shrink wrap machine,make the horizontal seal stand up instead of lay flat.This model make the sealing at the sides of the packing product does not effect the printing design on the film also this model can avoid the easy broken of long side sealing,make the packaging more nice.Because the packed product do not need change direction from the production line to our shrink wrapping machine,so this type is also much easier to connect with production line to achieve full automatic shrink wrapping progress.
    Packing material: POF,PVC and the other material which we tested suitable for this machine
    Options: date printing machine,Ink roll type and TTO type,film auto splicer,auto feeding system,labeling machine and so on.
    1. Vertical cutter, this machine is good for shrink wrap bottles,boxes, and other products, especially if the product can not be put down,and only fitable for standing packing
    2. With full servo motor control,with world advanced program and electric parts,very stable quality ,warranty can be 24 months
    3. Cantilever digital touch screen 14 inch, showing packing speed, temperature, total bags,and also it have storage memory function, when customer shrink wrap different sizes of proudcts, it is easy to select the packing data via touch screen,save changover time greatly for our customers
    4. If customer want to wrap round bottles group bottles, this machine is best choice, because the sealing at bottom and front and back ,so it is very stable.
    5. This machine can use POF transparent and printing POF
    Technical data
    Max film width(mm)450450450590590
    Packaging rate(bag/min)30-22030-22030-22030-20030-200
    Bag length(mm)70-45080-45090-45070-45080-450
    Bag height(mm)10-15010-15010-15010-20010-200
    Product width(mm)5-455-655-855-655-85
    Power voltage(v)220220220220220
    Total installed power(kw)
    Power of shrink heating(kw)1515151515
    Dimensions(LxWxH)mm5700*1050*17005700*1050*17005700*1050*17005700*1250*18005700*1250*1800heat shrink wrap manufacturers