Judges Clinics


Since the development of the NAHRA Judges Eligibility Policy, Judges Clinics have increased in many of our five Regions to help new and veteran judges stay current.  Clinics such as this one hosted by Northern Piedmont Retriever Club near Gettysburg, PA afford prospective new judges and our seasoned veterans a chance to convene and improve upon their skills as NAHRA Judges. The clinics offer a review of the current regulations as well as recent revisions and updates regarding the program. Contact our one of our Regional Directors or check the Events and Training Page to find out about NAHRA Judges Clinics in your area.

Judges Clinics Handbook revised March 2010 (PDF)

NAHRA Virtual Judges Clinics (PPT)

NAHRA Judge & Handler Clinic Upland Retriever Program (URP) (PPT)

Judges Clinic Policy effective January 2010 (PDF)

Judges Clinic Roster(PDF)

Judges Clinic Slides (PDF)


Scheduled Judges Clinics


NAHRA Virtual Judges Clinic

PowerPoint presentation of a virtual judges clinic for potential clinic goers to see and presenters to use. (7.6MB PPT)



Approved Judges Clinic Presenters (per region)

East - Debra Brennan,Tom Johnston, Frank Plewa, Diane Sheppard, Roy Sheppard, and Paul Young

Central - Larry Dusanek, John Giudice, Dan Hove, Patsy Hove, Travis Lund, Dick Ofstedal, Kirk Rice, and Dan Tongen

West - Shaun Brien, Dan Hosford, Harry Williams, and Arlon Woodlee

Alaska - Kent and Kody Bull