John Giudice

Hello.  My name is John Giudice and I live near Stacy, MN.  I’m a wildlife research biologist with the Minnesota DNR, but my real love is Labrador retrievers and bird hunting.  I started dabbling in retriever games while in graduate school (late 1980s) and thankfully someone steered me toward NAHRA.  I joined the Spokane Bird Dog Association in circa 1993, and if not for the people I met there I probably would not be where I am today.  I was 

very fortunate to find a mentor (amateur field trailer) and training group that took pity on my woeful ignorance and helped me put an MHR on my first dog (without the aid of an e-collar, which helped me appreciate the importance of teaching, patience, repetition, and problem solving).  They also mentored me as a young NAHRA judge.  That seems like a lifetime ago. 

I’m currently an active member of the Four Points Retriever Club (FPRC) and I recently joined the 50-pt judge’s club.  I am first and foremost a hunter, and I strongly believe that NAHRA has the best all-around program for training and testing retrievers in realistic hunting scenarios.  I look forward to serving on the NAHRA Board of Directors and working with you to keep the NAHRA program strong and viable.

John H. Giudice

6855 227th Ave NE,

Stacy, MN  55079

cell: 651-757-8855