Dan Hove, Member at Large

& NAHRA Sponsorship Coordinator

hovedanI’m a simple guy- if I am hunting with my dogs, I’m totally happy!  There’s not a better way to spend recreation time in my world than to be engaged in any activity with my dog, be it hunting, training, testing or competing in tournaments.  I have been a dog owner virtually my entire life, with hunting dogs predominantly coming into my life beginning in 1983.  I have actively engaged in dog events through several venues since 1999.


NAHRA has clearly captured my passion!  I can actually pinpoint the waterfall event that was the “hook” for me.  In 2001 I attended the NAHRA Invitational as a volunteer worker at Chichaqua Wildlife Area in Iowa.  I worked the entire event for Terry Plagman, the Field Test Captain, and learned so much!  From the Co-Chairs, Sandy Zandlo and Bonnie Moothart to Terry to the Judges Kirk Rice, Joe Mandarino, and Ted Snodgrass to the enthusiastic workers and handlers, I knew this was the group of people I could learn from and they’d help me get the most out of my dog.


I am active in all retriever hunt test games, but always have had the most love for NAHRA Field Tests.  I have been running NAHRA tests since 2000, enjoyed them all, and haven’t seen two alike yet.  I became a judge about a half-dozen years ago and have learned even more observing from the line.  I was honored sitting at the line with Sonny, Ted, and Diane judging the 2007 NAHRA Invitational together in Pennsylvania.


I’ve been blessed in having the opportunity to handle some very gifted dogs, including being involved in bringing about a dozen through the ranks to the MHR title or beyond.  I have enjoyed the most time with my partner and truly dog of a lifetime, GMHRCH II GMPR HRCH UH Belle MH.  This would have never been possible without the approval and assistance of my wife, Patsy.  In fact, about 6 years ago she joined me as a handler with her dog, GMHR I CP HR UH Grace.  We live with a houseful of dogs including 3 GMHR’s, and more on their way through the program.  One of my goals is to bring Chai to that magical 1000 point here in the Central Region.


I am an Assistant Fire Chief in my career and have owned a tax business for over 25 years.  I have three children and three grandchildren.  My son, Chris, (along with his girlfriend) joined our NAHRA Club, Four Points Retriever Club last year, and has become quite the journeyman test worker.  He’s learning about the dogs and training while earning his meals and refreshments and my oldest granddaughter, Tory, also enjoys throwing birds for us.  My Dad often joins us at FPRC tests as our banquet chef.


I was a founding member and Board of Director of FPRC, serving as Treasurer until last year.  I served on the Field Test Committee as Treasurer when we hosted the 2008 NAHRA Invitational.  I joined the NAHRA Board of Directors in 2008 as Member-al-Large and was elected to the Executive Board position of Treasurer in 2009.


We have met some great people through NAHRA and consider traveling to the Invitational each year as special opportunities in our lives that we don’t ever want to miss.  NAHRA has allowed us to not only meet great people from all over the continent, but to now consider them friends.